Bringing your child to daycare is difficult no matter what age they are. Children that are new to daycare or who are particularly attached to parents may have a hard time adjusting, though these children may also benefit the most from daycare. While leaving children is hard, a quality daycare center offers benefits to parents and children beyond the opportunity for both parents to work. Dual incomes and careers provide a big advantage, however children will also develop essential social skills, friendships, knowledge, and independence that will continue to serve them as they grow.

Social skills

Daycare offers children of all ages an opportunity to interact with peers who are not their siblings or family, often for the very first time. Without parents to guide them through the interaction—though with adult supervision to ensure the children get along—kids learn how to play, share, and learn together on their own, much like how they will be expected to do in school.


The other kids that your child meets in daycare are from the same area and often from the same neighborhood. Likely, they will attend the same schools. The friendships that your child forges in daycare will not only be his or her first friends, but may also be best friends they will keep for a lifetime.

Separation Anxiety

Some children are not faced with leaving their parents until kindergarten, resulting in a tearful and sudden separation at the school doors. By being slowly introduced to a new environment away from home, new adults, and their peers, children learn sooner that being away from home isn’t scary.


At home, parents are there to guide their children at literally every step. While daycare teachers monitor children closely, children learn to listen to instructions and solve problems for themselves; even something as simple as asking a teacher or another child for help or finding their way around the room strengthens a child’s problem-solving skills and boosts their confidence in their own abilities.

Daycare provides a safe, secure middle ground between home and school where a child can learn, adjust and test their abilities with the help of a caring adult nearby. Heaven’s Elect daycare stays by your child’s side as they learn, forge new friendships, gain independence and gain confidence. We are knowledgeable and caring guardians helping your child along the way and ensuring they start on the right path.

Heaven’s Elect Christian Learning Center is a Midland Michigan daycare center. Founded in 2000, it is a Non-denominational Christian childcare center fully licensed by the state of Michigan. It offers a full day program for children from birth to 12-years of age. Daycare services include preschool, daycare, transportation, fresh hot lunch and snacks, sign language, bible time and fun learning activities. Certified in CPR and First Aid, our caring staff and state-certified lead teachers are dedicated to providing a faith-based environment with the Abeka book curriculum, the latest conscious discipline and creative curriculum. Contact us at 989-837-1914 or