The first day of childcare can be a little overwhelming as a parent, especially if this is the first time you’re leaving your child in someone else’s care for long periods of time. This stress is normal, and some might say even a little healthy! That’s why it’s so important to take deep breaths, prepare in advance, and check out these 4 tips for beating childcare jitters:


It’s likely you went through extensive research to choose the childcare center that would fit best with you and your family’s needs and wants. So you’ve narrowed down your choices, chosen the best fit, and now are anxiously awaiting the first day of childcare. Visiting the childcare center in advance can help alleviate some of your nervousness. Often you’re most afraid of change – of not knowing what to expect or how your child will react to this new environment. Scheduling a visit in advance, and maybe even bringing your child along, can help begin the acclimation process early!

Get to know the childcare workers

As with visiting the childcare center before the first day, getting to know the adults your child will be spending time with can be hugely beneficial for calming your nerves! Learn their names, and use their names when talking to your child! This can help to demystify the whole childcare experience for you and your child.

Communicate with your child

It’s likely your child is just as nervous about starting childcare as you are, maybe even moreso! Depending on the age of your child, communicating with each other about what will be happening, how long they will be there, and reassuring them that you’ll still see them everyday can help ease the transition. Sometimes the most fear comes from being worried that your child will feel as though you’ve left them – continuously reminding them that you’ll only be gone for a few hours and they have nothing to be afraid of can help with both of your nerves!

Prepare in advance

Childcare can be stressful just due to transitioning out of your summer routine and into an entirely new day-to-day routine. Preparing in advance can help make this transition smoother! Preparing in advance might look like establishing new bedtimes weeks in advance, practicing getting ready in the morning or packing a lunch or making checklists to work on leading up to the first day. This makes the logistics of day care so much less scary for both you and your child if you’ve started getting used to these routines before you have to!

This might be a big transition for you and your family, but it’s also an important step. There will likely be a transition period, and that’s okay! There might be some tears and it might be hard to say good-bye to your child at first, but before long your child will be excited to go to childcare, play with other children, and participate in fun activities. Enjoy the adventure together!

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