While your child’s summer is likely packed with beach days, family vacations, playdates, and picnics, it’s only natural that you also want some time spent at home relaxing! Whether there’s bad weather, you or your child are feeling a little burnt out, or it’s simply too hot outside, here are a few ideas for engaging indoor activities to try with your child this summer:

Arts and Crafts

Getting crafty with your children is always a hit and is a low-key way to spend a summer day indoors. From finger painting, to coloring pages, to Papier Mache – the options are endless! Nearing the end of the summer and want to recap on all the fun adventures you had? Make a collage of pictures and memories from all the activities you did!


No matter what age your child is, reading is a prime way to spend a summer day indoors. If they’re old enough to read independently, set aside some time to get a few chapters in, or even take a little field trip to the local public library to pick out a couple new books. If your child isn’t reading quite yet, let them choose a book and spend some time reading aloud to them!

Movie Night

Having a cozy night in with a good movie is the perfect way to have some indoor fun. Pop some popcorn, lay out some snacks, and bring lots of blankets for you and your child to watch their favorite movie!

Indoor Camping

Camping doesn’t have to be an ordeal – try setting up an indoor campsite with a tent (or even a blanket fort) with much less effort or stress! Roast s’mores over the stovetop and cuddle up with sleeping bags and flashlights for the full camping experience.

Sweet Treats

Just because you’re not outside in the hot sun doesn’t mean you can’t cool off with a sweet treat! For example, popsicles are an easy and delicious treat to make with your kids in the summer – use your favorite yogurt, fruit, or juice to make these yummy and healthy snacks. If your child is a little older, summer is a great time to teach them other skills in the kitchen like cooking or baking too!

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