Are you looking for some fun activities to do with your kids this year? Here are some ideas to enjoy in between the chilly breeze, bonfires, pumpkin pies, and those orange autumn leaves!

Raking leaves

While it may sound like a chore, raking leaves can be fun and gratifying. Your kids will love getting outdoors, the spectacular fall foliage, and the obligatory leap into the leaf pile. See if there are any elderly or disabled people in your community. Your children could volunteer to rake leaves outside their home. They will have fun and also get a sense of accomplishment and community pride. Most importantly, if you volunteer to help a neighbor, it will teach them the valuable lessons of kindness and concern for others.

Planting a fall garden

If you like gardening, you can get your kids involved in growing a garden with you with colorful fall flowers, such as mums. Or plan ahead by planting spring bulbs. This great activity is both exciting for the kids and beneficial for the environment.

Baking Halloween cookies

On chilly weekend nights, you can get your kids in the kitchen and bake together!

They’ll enjoy the baking and frosting process – and will love eating fresh cookies while they snuggle in for a movie night! To make things even more interesting, you can choose a Halloween theme for the cookies and let your kids embrace their creativity.

Doing handprint crafts

Using your child’s handprint in a craft project is simple and inexpensive. A handprint can become an autumn tree. By tracing their hand on a white piece of paper, it can be the tree trunk and branches. When you cut out small pieces of colorful tissue paper and glue them to the fingers of the handprint, you have the leaves. And don’t forget the tried and true handprint turkey at Thanksgiving!

With these fun activities for children, get ready to make the most of your family time this fall season! Heaven’s Elect Christian Learning Center and Daycare is a Non-denominational Christian childcare center fully licensed by the state of Michigan. Our Midland daycare center has been serving the community since 2000. Please contact us at