When a child feels comfortable being themselves, they are happier, they learn better, and they are more likely to succeed. If a child feels like they have to change themselves to “fit in” it can quickly result in anger and alienation. Every child has unique gifts that they bring to the world and helping your child to be themselves while still “fitting in” will give them confidence and strength. Heaven’s Elect makes every effort to help children let their unique gifts shine.

Different Is Good

If a child sticks out from the crowd, either from what they like to wear, the way that they act, their interests, appearance, or something else, parents often worry it will make them a victim of bullying. In an effort to make childhood easier for their children, adults often discourage anything that might be different. But being different is good! Every child is unique and reassuring chidren that they are special, not odd, will give them the confidence that they need to stand up to bullies instead of hiding themselves.

Encourage Talents

A child’s personality and behavior will make them better suited to some activities more than others. A child with high energy and lots of enthusiasm may be especially good at sports. Children that work well in groups and are very social may prefer group activities like clubs or community projects. Children that work better alone may prefer working with technology, art projects, reading or writing. While high energy, a high social need, or a tendency towards solitude can be seen as detrimental in some ways, these attributes also help to make the child better suited towards other talents and activities.

Be Free to Express

In their formative years, children are just learning how to socialize, learn, and play, but they are also developing a unique personality. Children may express themselves through clothing, decorations around their bedrooms, art projects, dancing, or other activities. When children are encouraged to express themselves, they gain confidence and a sense of individuality, which will help them later in life.

Children are a gift and each one is special. At Heaven’s Elect children can feel safe and confident in being themselves. They will start to cultivate their interests and talents, and start on a path towards great things.