As temperatures rise, the days get a little longer, and you start to see a bit more sunshine, you might also find yourself wanting to get a bit of spring cleaning done to prepare for summer. Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, particularly when you have to worry about coordinating cleaning with your children.

Here are a few ideas for tackling spring cleaning with your child, and making sure the whole family is prepared for the warmer summer months.

Sort Through Clothing

For many families, spring means packing away the winter clothes and bringing out the shorts, t-shirts, and bathing suits from last summer. This also means that it’s the perfect time to go through your child’s fall/winter clothes with them to decide what to keep for next season and what to donate. A good start is to ask your child what pieces they particularly like or dislike, and to consider what winter pieces didn’t get worn very often. This is a great chance to let your child exercise some independence by calling the shots on what they may not like anymore, what may not fit, or what may be a little too worn out to be used again. Narrowing down your child’s closet to only the necessities not only lets you get rid of unnecessary clutter, but also makes packing away the remaining clothing a much easier task.

Turn Cleaning into a Game

Cleaning is usually as boring and tedious for your child as it is for you, but adding a touch of fun can be a gamechanger. Depending on the task you’re tackling, and the age of your child, they can be a valuable helper for you. Want to organize that storage room that hasn’t been touched in months? Blast your child’s favorite music and have a mini dance break every time you fill one trash bag full of items to donate. Trying to make your way through a cluttered closet full of clothes? Have your child give you a fashion show so you can identify what pieces are too small or too worn to see another season. Making cleaning into an activity as opposed to a chore can help both you and your child be more positive about the task.

Positive Reinforcement

Children respond well to positive reinforcement, and it often makes cleaning a more efficient task. Asking your child to help with minor cleaning tasks like dusting, wiping, or sorting can be much more productive if you offer a reward at the end. Your child’s favorite food for dinner, a movie night, or additional screen time are all great incentives for your little one after a productive day of cleaning.

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