Daycare can be scary. And we’re not talking about separation anxiety that children sometimes face—oftentimes, children adjust to daycare much easier than their parents! After you’ve cared for your child at every step and been there for every smile and tear, the prospect of leaving them for even a moment is scary. However, daycare can be an overwhelming positive experience for your child, and many of the concerns that parents have about daycare are not problems at quality facilities. Many parents share the same concerns about daycare facilities, and we are happy to report that, at Heaven’s Elect, there’s no need to fear!

It Just Isn’t Clean!
With children sharing toys, sharing classrooms, and sharing teachers, they are bound to also share germs. While more children does mean more germs, it also means much more cleaning. Daycare teachers want to prevent the spread of illness as much as you do and that is why we clean and sanitize every surface, every toy, every pen, pencil, marker and every hand as often as possible. This means germs are eradicated between every playtime, naptime, snacktime, after kids go home and before school starts again in the morning. Quality daycare facilities are exceptionally clean and teachers take great care to keep them that way.

What if My Child is Bullied?
If your child is especially quiet, shy, small, or passive, you may fear they will be bullied. Whenever children play together, there will inevitably be disputes, but daycare teachers monitor kids constantly to ensure that these disputes are resolved in a positive way. Children that may be prone to being bullied—and those that may become bullies—are watched especially carefully, so teachers can intervene immediately. When children learn to confidently resolve disputes during their formative years, they are less likely to be bullied, become bullies and passively allow bullying later in life.

If Something Happens, I Won’t Be There.
It’s a parent’s job to think about and plan for the worst-case scenario. But when it comes to your child’s safety, there is no better place for them than daycare. With constant adult supervision and systematic safety procedures for every eventuality, there is nothing that could happen that daycare teachers won’t see, nor anything that will catch us off-guard. Daycare teachers are trained to address illnesses, injuries and accidents quickly and without panic. With multiple phone numbers and ways to reach you close at hand, you will be notified immediately.

Sending your child to daycare does not have to be scary. Take a look at our post on Getting the Most Out of Daycare to see other ways you can get to know your child’s daycare facility. If you have questions, we are happy to put your mind at ease. Contact us and we can give you more information about Heaven’s Elect, and answer any questions you may have.