All of us at Heaven’s Elect want your Christmas season to be a joyous one. We are sharing these tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics to help you have a happy and safe holiday season. This group offers some thoughts when it comes to picking out a Christmas tree, decorating and managing holiday greeting visits.

Whether you purchase a live or an artificial tree, it’s important to pay careful attention to the details.  If you buy a live tree, examine its needles. A fresh tree has green needles, and they will be hard to pull from the branches. The needles will not break when bent between your fingers. If you purchase an artificial tree, look for “fire resistant” on its label.

Lights are a popular decoration during the holiday season. Check the product label to make sure outdoor lights are certified for outdoor use. The maximum number of light strands one should use per one extension cord is three strands. Plug all outdoor lights and other decorations into circuits with ground fault circuit interrupters to avoid potential shocks. Remember to turn off all lights and decorations at night, or when you leave the house, so the lights do not short out and start a fire.

If you travel to homes, remember that all houses you visit may not be childproofed like yours. Keep a close eye on doorways leading to staircases, unattended purses, and open cabinets. Also traveling and visiting a number of unfamiliar environments in a short period can increase a child’s stress level. Try to maintain your child’s regular nap and rest routines as best as possible to avoid stress.

Most important of all, remember to enjoy the holidays for what they are – a happy time to spend time with family and friends. From all of us at Heaven’s Elect, we wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for being a part of our childcare family. We hope you enjoy this special time with your family, friends and loved ones.