Choosing a childcare provider might feel a little overwhelming at first. After all, your child will be spending several hours a day here, potentially for several years! It’s only natural for you to want peace of mind that safety is a top priority at your chosen childcare center.


While it might seem self-explanatory, it’s important to ensure that your childcare center utilizes proper and thorough sanitation procedures. This means cleaning toys and utensils after use, having a designated changing table, and making sure all children wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day.

These simple processes can go a long way in making sure your child, and other children at the center, stay safe, clean, and healthy!

First Aid

It’s essential that your childcare providers are trained in CPR and first aid processes. Double check that there are policies in place in case a child starts choking, and that there is a first aid kit readily available for cuts and scrapes. If your child has any medical conditions that require a childcare provider to administer medications during the day, make sure there’s a safe and child-proofed cabinet where this medication can be stored.


Every childcare facility should be thoroughly childproofed and safe for the little ones being cared for there. This means having protected electrical outlets, dangerous cleaning supplies locked away, and no sharp or potentially dangerous objects in reach of the children. This minimizes the risk of accidents and creates a safe space for children to learn and play.

Emergency Procedures

While it’s unlikely that there will be any real emergencies at your childcare center, it’s important that they have prepared for these scenarios in advance! Tornado and fire drills, as well as lockdown procedures, are essential to ensuring that your child will be safe and cared for no matter what.

Choosing the right childcare center doesn’t have to be scary! Childcare providers are often engaging and passionate about making sure your child is safe and provided for every moment that they’re in their care.

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