As a parent, your child’s safety is your top priority, especially if they’re ever out of your sight! It’s never too early to start teaching your children age-appropriate safety tips as they gradually gain more independence – walking to the bus stop, starting school, going to friends’ houses, etc. Here is a list of a few key safety tips to start chatting about with your children:

Stranger Danger

One of the first, and most important safety tips for children is introducing “stranger danger.” Make sure your child knows who is considered a close friend or family member, and who is considered a stranger. This includes making sure your child knows that, even if someone is friendly toward them, they are still a stranger and they shouldn’t be approaching them or offering them anything!

Bodily Autonomy

It’s never too soon to start teaching your child that they are the boss of their own body! Sometimes this can be as simple as letting them know that they can say, “no” to a hug or high-five if they don’t know someone or are uncomfortable around them. Teaching age-appropriate bodily autonomy helps to develop independence and a better understanding of personal bodily safety.

Establish Trusted Adults

It’s important to establish who is, and is not, a trusted adult with your child. This is typically 3-5 adults who your child knows well, trusts, and is comfortable around. This makes it easier for your child to know who to turn to if they are feeling uncomfortable or unsafe at any point in time.

Asking for Help

Learning how to safely ask for help is key for children at every age. This can include making sure they know what phone numbers to call, who to look for if they are lost, and what to say if someone is making them uncomfortable and they need to seek safety.

These are just a few of many safety tips to start working through with your children. While these can feel like scary or overwhelming lessons, they are critical to keeping your child safe. Practice scenarios with your child to make sure they are comfortable, and don’t be afraid to have frank and honest conversations with them about potential dangers – kids are stronger than you think!

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