With Christmas break right around the corner, many parents will be looking for some fun activities for their children. Here are a few you could give a try:


Create a snowman 

Even a little snow is an opportunity to sculpt a snowman using the traditional carrot nose and button eyes. Or you can be creative and craft your snowman out of unique material. If there is no snow, build an indoor snowman using pillows or cotton balls. The important part is to have fun and use your imagination.


Craft a tree 

You might have a real Christmas tree or a pre-lit artificial beauty to put presents under, but why stop there? Put your craft skills to work and create a holiday tree by cutting a tree and decorations out of unused material or making a tree out of holiday photos and cards on a wall. 


Organize a cookie swap

Is your home filled with the aroma of fresh cookies? Your neighbors’ houses probably are too. Share some holiday goodies by hosting a neighborhood cookie swap. This event lets you spread cheer, share recipes, and taste a variety of tasty cookies!


Read a story by the tree 

Everyone loves the Christmas tree, and what better place to gather the kids for a story. Of course, there are old favorites, like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas or The Night Before Christmas, but why not visit the bookstore and try some new Christmas-themed books? You might discover a new favorite bedtime story.


Hold a tacky Christmas sweater contest 

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become almost as much a tradition as the Christmas tree or wreath. A “tacky Christmas sweater” party is a perfect way for family and friends to show off their fun finds. And don’t forget to include long-distance loved ones via Zoom or FaceTime!


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