Transitioning back to a regular childcare routine after all the hustle and bustle of the holidays can feel overwhelming at times. Your child may have gotten used to more lenient wake-up times and bedtimes, they may have been overstimulated by relatives and boisterous holiday gatherings, and they may be used to having a little less structure throughout the day. All of these things are perfectly normal, but there are ways to make this transition a little smoother!

Start Talking About Childcare in Advance

Part of making the transition back to childcare easier is making it feel more normal for your child. Often, talking about the transition can help! Remind your child in advance that they have childcare to look forward to soon, ask them how they’re feeling about it, talk through some of their worries if they don’t seem overly excited about it, and try to identify some things with your child that they are looking forward to.

Restart the Routine Early

Try setting up a more structured bedtime and wake-up time a few days in advance to help your child readjust to the structure they may not have had over the holidays. Try practicing getting them dressed and ready earlier in the day and having a routine lunch or snack time that will help them prep for their daily routine at childcare.

Plan a Trip to the Playground

Often, over the holidays your child may not be in constant daily contact with other kids their age, and they may have gotten used to a certain amount of attention or independence because of this. While it may be a little chilly this month, taking a mini trip to the playground can help your child readjust to interacting and playing with other children, which will make the transition to childcare a little smoother. Even better, make it a playdate with one of their friends from childcare!

Practice Patience

It’s normal for your child to be nervous or moody about going back to childcare, and it’s normal for you as a parent to feel overwhelmed by that! Practice patience with yourself and your child throughout the transition and give yourself and them some grace to struggle a little bit – before you know it, childcare will feel like a normal routine again.

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