Finding fun things for your children to do at home is more important than ever. Just as necessary is keeping them cost-effective in challenging economic times. The following are some ideas that your kids can enjoy while practicing the COVID-19 guidelines of social distancing without breaking the bank.

Host Movie Time

Watching movies with friends is always fun for children, and it can still happen without going to a theater. Simply choose a fun kids’ movie and send out an invitation to friends that can comfortably watch the video while social distancing. You can use your Blu Ray or DVD player or use Netflix. With your Netflix subscription, kids can watch movies together with a free Google Chrome extension. The film can be synchronized with the group letting kids interact in a chatroom. It is a secure service that only allows invitees into the chatroom.

Create a Craft Exchange

Crafts are always a fun and creative activity for kids, and what better way to connect with friends than to share their art. Just reach out to your children’s friends to create a group that creates craft projects and exchanges them with each other. To add to the fun, you can develop themes such as wildlife, Star Wars, or a sport they all participate in.

Hold a neighborhood I Spy hunt

You have probably heard about areas that decorate their windows with rainbows, flowers, or whatever for kids to find on their walks with their parents. When you connect with neighbors to engage in an I Spy game, your kids feel more connected with friends and have the bonus of exercise and fresh air.

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