The COVID-19 Crisis and subsequent stay-at-home orders have taxed many parents’ imagination in helping to keep their children occupied. The following are activities that can be enjoyed in the house or outdoors.

Staying Inside

If your kids are missing regular visits with friends, it might be time to bring back an old-fashioned idea – pen pals! Writing letters to friends can help children keep in touch while practicing penmanship and grammar skills. To apply their artistic talents, kids can draw pictures in the letters or create personalized stationery with stickers, stamps or illustrations.

There is nothing wrong with being productive while having fun. When you make an activity of a home project you accomplish both. The key is setting milestones throughout the project that the kids need to achieve to win. With this approach, organizing, redecorating, or cleaning become a game with a goal.

We are certainly going through unprecedented times, and activities that will help us remember them can hold special significance in years to come. When you make a time capsule or keep a journal, you create a snapshot of the past to review later. Though these are stressful circumstances, try to include positive and humorous items and not just reflect on the negative aspects.

Outdoor activities

With the temperatures soaring, an activity that cools off the kids will be welcomed. A home water park will relive the heat and stimulate creativity as children plan the park and build it. And because the activity is outside, you could invite a few friends while maintaining social distancing.

If you can’t make it to a campground, pitch a tent and bring the sleeping bags into the backyard. Making smores, telling stories and sleeping under the stars as a family will create special memories even if it’s in your own yard.

Doing something for non-human visitors can be fun and have long-term benefits. Consider planting a garden to attract butterflies or hummingbirds. This backyard wildlife habitat will be fun to create with your family enjoying its beauty and visitors for many years.

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