As the summer temperatures soar, so do risks from the heat for children. However, if you practice these simple tips, your kids can enjoy the outdoors during the summer safely.

Watch for heat exhaustion

It’s no surprise that heat strokes are most prevalent during the summer. Because of this fact, you need to be aware of the signs. Before heat stroke strikes, minor symptoms will begin to appear. These could include cramps and fatigue. As the condition worsens, muscle cramps, dizziness, nausea, and rapid pulse could occur. To avoid heat stroke, have your children take breaks, drink water, mist with a cool spray, and wear lightweight clothing.

Practice sun protection

The earth is closer to sun in the summer months, resulting is faster and more severe sunburns. Before going out to play, children should have sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher applied. It should be reapplied every three hours or whenever your child has been in the pool or sprinkler. If your child is more susceptible to sunburns, stay indoors during peak sunlight hours and consider dressing them in UV protective clothing.

Keep the water flowing

Most people don’t realize that children dehydrate faster than adults. Even though the amount of water intake varies by the age, weight and activity of the child there are guidelines. In general, the number of ounces of water a child should drink daily is half his or her weight (up to 100 pounds).

Check your car before leaving it

The interior temperature of a car rises rapidly in the summer and can cause death to an unattended child (or pet). To avoid such a disaster, get in to the practice of always checking the car before locking it. This habit will assure a child or pet is never left behind in sweltering, and potentially deadly, heat.

The battle of the bugs

With warm weather, come more bugs. Insect repellant is the best way to keep your kids safe from irritating or harmful stings and bites. Other precautionary measures include not using strongly scented soaps or lotions and keeping arms and legs covered with lightweight clothes.

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