If you want to perform at your best level, then your body needs the best fuel to energize fully. It is the same for your children. Your children will be able to learn and participate at their best when a well-prepared breakfast is the start of their day. Here are a few reasons why breakfast is so important:

Eating breakfast helps control appetite

With a healthy appetite, children can better focus on learning throughout the day. Additionally, it’s believed children’s smaller stature causes them to be more susceptible to the effects of overnight fasting than adults, such as decreases in mental acuity.

Eating breakfast in the morning has beneficial effects on memory and attention

A good breakfast allows children to more quickly and accurately retrieve information. In a learning environment, children who eat breakfast perform better on reading, arithmetic, and problem-solving tests. Eating breakfast also positively affects endurance and creativity in the classroom.

Eating breakfast impacts behaviors surrounding learning in the classroom environment Consistent breakfast consumption is linked to better attendance, classroom behavior, and vigilance, which facilitates learning. Children who go hungry are more inclined to become distracted from learning at school or give up more easily when faced with challenges.

Eating breakfast helps children get essential nutrients they should be consuming every day

Children who skip breakfast every day are less likely to get enough iron, calcium, iodine, and folate when compared to children who eat breakfast daily. This daily nutrient intake plays a pivotal role in growth and development, especially the rapid growth and development of children.

At Heaven’s Elect, we understand the importance of a healthy diet to learning. We provide daily snacks and lunch to keep our children fueled for their daily activities. Please feel free to ask us any time about our healthy and great-tasting meals if you have any questions.

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