With summer’s warm weather, children are happy to spend time outside. Why not make this summer’s activities artistic? The following are fun activities that will help inspire kids creativity.

Sidewalk or Driveway Art

Once only used for hopscotch, sidewalk chalk is now used to create art that decorates the front of many homes. This thick, colorful chalk usually comes in a bucket for easy storage with many colors. While it’s not permanent (except for the photos you take) these pieces of artwork can be a child’s favorite character, animal, flowers, joyful words, or abstract expressions.

Painting with Water Pistols

If your kids want to paint but aren’t keen on a brush you can always use a water pistol for outdoor summer art. All you need is tempura paint thinned with water, a large canvas of poster board, easel, and of course a water pistol. This fun activity helps develop preschoolers’ motor skills and is a creative way to paint for older kids.

Rocking the Art

When you take art outside, you can also use what you find outside as part of the artwork. Take a nature walk or stroll the beach to find small and medium-sized rocks. These stone canvases can be used to paint on faces or other favorite subjects. Children can also use the stones, rocks and pebbles to create the artwork in patterns or to depict animals and scenes.

Start a Shutterbug

It’s the perfect time to inspire budding photographers when you’re on your walks, trips or creating outdoor art, Photography is art so hand over the camera and be in awe of what the kids will notice!  Some of my favorite vacation pics are the ones that the kids have taken over the years — not to mention, there’s actually a chance that you’ll be in one of the pictures 😉

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