It’s spring, and everyone is ready to get outside. A garden is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and benefit from growing fresh fruits and vegetables. Now eating what you grow isn’t the only reward from having a garden. You and your children benefit from moderate exercise, learning about nature, developing patience, building confidence, and quality time together. Of course, you’ll want to help the kids feel a part of the garden. Here are some tips:

A garden plot just for them

To reinforce their feeling they are a part of the garden, give each child a section that is theirs. To avoid issues, be sure it’s a manageable size and border the space to identify which plot belongs to them. Establishing each garden section gives you time to work with your kids to define each area and help them prepare any ground too hard for them to work up alone.

Make it their garden area

Once the individual plots are set, let your kids personalize them. From colorful stakes to gnomes, there are a ton of garden décor to let kids decorate their plots to reflect their personality.

Their own tools

Working with adult-size tools can be awkward and unsafe for children. Be sure to get them their own gardening tools that fit smaller hands. Better yet, take them with you to select their own tools. This will give them more of a sense of ownership and responsibility for the garden. Plus, they can have the fun of choosing their favorite color or design!

Let them select the seeds

With the plot bordered and tilled, it’s time to choose the veggies to plant. Help them with their selection, explain the plants that are easier to tend, when they are ready to harvest, and what they taste like if your child hasn’t tried them. A research visit to the produce section or farmer’s market might not be a bad idea.

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