As child care continues to evolve, parents need to consider some of today’s childcare trends.

The Parent-Provider Relationship is More Important Than Ever

Providers will post monthly calendars, as well as menus and lists of special activities to keep parents in the loop. Weekly activities may also be posted outside the door of each classroom, and providers can supply daily take home sheets for parents to peruse. Most facilities also offer special guest visits so parents can observe the place their children will be spending their time.

Increased Safety and Security

It’s true that no system is one hundred percent fail-safe, but today child care providers are raising security measures to protect the children in their care more than ever. The childcare industry is doubling down on surveillance to keep kids safe. A good facility will have staff that’s trained in CPR and first aid. In addition, they are trained to check ID’s of anyone picking up a child, look for intoxicated parents, abuse, and neglect of children.

Parents should be on the lookout for facilities where staff members are fingerprinted, TB tested, and trained to watch for security and safety of the children. There is also an increased focus on training in order to keep children safe while they’re on picnics and field trips. Additionally, the staff is provided with training to deal with a wide range of scenarios, including bomb threats, drive-by shootings, and natural disasters.

Additionally, parents should also consider buildings that are made of cement blocks, since these do not burn, and keep an eye out for safety glass on all the windows and doors. Most good institutions are hard-wired directly to 911 and have fire and burglar alarms. Before you make a child care decision, be sure to read up on all the options you have!

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